Slovak club rules on suspected mixes with Crying Wolf “Y” litter.

Please note:  The Klub chovateľov československého vlčiaka Slovenskej republiky (KCHČSV SR) is the Slovakian national breed club for the Czechoslovakian vlcak and is considered the parent breed club with the FCI and has stewardship over the breed’s standard.

It has been suspected for a while that the Crying Wolf “Y” litter was either mixed or the registered father (Issar) was not the actual father.  It has also been suspected that this litter was a Czechoslovakian vlcak / Saarloos wolfhund mix litter.  The KCHČSV SR (Slovak Vlcak club) conducted an investigation and has not been able to prove that Issar is the father (also, has not been able to prove that he is not the father) so the results are inconclusive.  Their recommendation is to not use any dog from the “Y” litter (Issar Kollarov dvor X Flash Crying Wolf) or their descendants in any breeding program.  There is at least one dog from this breeding (a second generation) in the USA but he was neutered before he could sire any litters (and is with a wonderful family). Continue reading