Slovak club rules on suspected mixes with Crying Wolf “Y” litter.

Please note:  The Klub chovateľov československého vlčiaka Slovenskej republiky (KCHČSV SR) is the Slovakian national breed club for the Czechoslovakian vlcak and is considered the parent breed club with the FCI and has stewardship over the breed’s standard.

It has been suspected for a while that the Crying Wolf “Y” litter was either mixed or the registered father (Issar) was not the actual father.  It has also been suspected that this litter was a Czechoslovakian vlcak / Saarloos wolfhund mix litter.  The KCHČSV SR (Slovak Vlcak club) conducted an investigation and has not been able to prove that Issar is the father (also, has not been able to prove that he is not the father) so the results are inconclusive.  Their recommendation is to not use any dog from the “Y” litter (Issar Kollarov dvor X Flash Crying Wolf) or their descendants in any breeding program.  There is at least one dog from this breeding (a second generation) in the USA but he was neutered before he could sire any litters (and is with a wonderful family).

The ruling can be read on the Slovakian club’s site (it is in Slovak – you can use Google translate or Chrome to translate it to English (or another language).

Here is their article, translated to English by Chrome’s built in translator:

Breeders Club CSW Slovak Republic declares its opinion on the matter of a suspected blood Saarloosovho blending into the dog breeding kennel in Hungarian Crying wolf – litter “Y” and accepting descendants of these puppies to breed in the Slovak Republic (ATTENTION, concerns only the Y litter and their descendants, KCHČSV SR does not comment on the other litter).

Because of the uncertainties we present a modified version and please note that the Club expresses only the Y litter and their descendants. For misunderstandings arising apologize, as well as owners and breeders, who were in the text mentioned. It was a translation.

Farming situation not only in Hungary but also in other countries is so serious that the problem had to be thoroughly investigated and club management must respect the fact that as the guarantor of the breed can not afford to support the crossing breeds.

KCHČSV SR received lengthy letter on the subject from the owner of the dog litter “Y” with a request for an opinion. The letter stated in the original below.Breeders Club Czechoslovak Alsatian Slovak Republic delivered the following opinion:

Fatherhood dog Issar Kollar Justice in relation to litter “Y” Crying wolf has never been sufficiently proven. Whether it be mixing blood Saarloosovho the dog in the litter “Y” or paternity another dog, not a matter of the club. The only option to address this issue remains a DNA test.DNA profile dog Issar Kollar Justice is available for testing paternity. However, since it is not possible to sample only the father to determine paternity clearly, it is not possible to confirm nor refute Issara, as the father of the litter “Y”.

The situation is serious and the club is aware of the grievance owners of these dogs, but it’s a matter breeder, Edit Molnár (Crying Wolf), which should in particular be the owners / breeders turn.

Breeders Club CSW SR is currently an individual from a combination Issar Kollar Justice x Crying wolf Flash and their descendants not permitted to engage in farming, because fatherhood dog Issar Kollar has no confirmed and within pure breeding can not be used in breeding animals of uncertain origin. In the context of maintaining the purity of the breed club recommends to refrain from breeding dogs ambitions after the “Y” Crying wolf, or their offspring.

Specifically, the puppies: Yvain, Yolka, Yasmine (living in Slovakia and engaged in farming in Slovakia – 1 litter), Yarl Yanatos, Yanus, Yago, Yam (father bitches Juna – childless and Jetta – 1 litter, both owned by farmers from the SR).

The solution is to test the immediate descendants, thus litter “Y”, the presence of the gene of a brown nose. Demonstrable gene brown nose, and one-sided, heading to livernose Saarloos. Some descendants of the “Y” litter Crying wolf have evaluated this test and the result is that THEY gene. Specifically, the dog Yvain Crying wolf, who has compared the DNA sample with his father, Issara. Everything points to compatibility and can not be ruled out that Issar was not his father.

KCHČSV SR recommends that owners of subjects “Y” Crying wolf about to perform a test for the presence of b alleles (ie gene brown nose) to help resolve the question of whether a partially mixed Saarloos, and where possible, verify the compatibility DNA profile with the profiles of the declared father.

First generation dogs that have not been tested for the presence of the b allele (brown nose) and paternity, as well as their progeny, are not admitted to the stud. Continue club insists that the dog owners of “Y” Crying wolf, or their descendants, these individuals nezaraďovali in the holding of the above reasons.KCHČSV The SR will only be sufficient proof of the authenticity of PP subjects “Y Crying Wolf” compatibility DNA profile with father Issar Kollar Justice.  rebuttal by pouring blood for Saarloos will be accepted test for allele b (brown nose), with the result of B / B – does not the recessive allele.

An appeal to the minutes:

Of a committee meeting, Mosovce, 16/06/2013

Minutes of the meeting of breeding committee, Zilina-Rosina, 13/04/2013


Letter from the owner of the dog litter “Y” (Yvain) – these are original and not statements Club and Club is not responsible for its content (original in English)

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