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Despite the title of this site yes, this site is in English.  Around they are known as many names.  Československý vlčák is the name of the breed in the Czech and Slovak languages.  In the USA we are also calling them “Czechoslovakian Vlcak” (vl-chuk – the first syllable sounds like saying the word “bull” very quickly).  Most countries around the world call them “Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs” due to the ingredients that went into the creation of the breed.

The Czechoslovakian Vlcak is a breed of dog (recognized as FSS in AKC, fully recognized in UKC) that was created in the country of Czechoslovakia in the 1950′s.  The original CSSR government top-secret project was to enhance the German shepherd dog as a border patrol dog.  They used 48 working line German shepherds and 4 Carpathian wolves.

The idea was to incorporate the wolf’s physical build, strength, stamina, improved sense of smell, as well as a few other traits into the German shepherd.  Sadly, the project was considered a failure but the new breed carried on.  These dogs were used in border patrol as well as other avenues for decades and very little was known about this breed of dog until the Iron Curtain started to waiver in the 1980′s.

The government had a hard time deciding what to do with their top secret project – they had considered stopping the breed all together and not acknowledging it but due to large public support – the breed stayed and became the official breed of dog for Czechoslovakia.

Since then the breed’s popularity grew throughout Europe and many countries started to use them.   The breed’s versatility makes it ideal for multi purpose and specific purpose tasks.  Italy uses them for search and rescue and they have also been known to be used in police work, tracking and detection, carting, agility, herding, and can also excel in many “professional” dog sports – obedience, agility, tracking, schutzhund, etc.

In December of 2009 Galomy Oak in Virginia was the first kennel in the USA to whelp a litter of vlcak puppies. They had 4 boys and 1 girl. Galomy Oak just whelped their second litter in October, 2011. The breed is gaining popularity in the USA. They are recognized in the AKC though their Foundation Stock Services (FCC) as well as fully recognized by the UKC.

The first female, Galomy Oak’s Aurora del Mango (a.k.a. Luna – pictured above) will be the first vlcak at a national level AKC event as the “meet the breed” dog at the Eukanuba championship in Orlando, FL (December, 2011).

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  • I have had the pleasure of judging some Vlcaks recently at a UKC show and found them of excellent temperament. Good luck, breeders, and keep paying attention to that important characteristic!

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